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ISCC- International Sustainability & Carbon Certification

ISCC is one of the leading certification systems for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions. The European Commission recognized ISCC as one of the first certification schemes to demonstrate compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive’s (RED) requirements. ISCC certification can be applied to meet legal requirements in the bioenergy markets as well as to demonstrate the sustainability and traceability of feedstock in the food, feed and chemical industries. Among other advantages we emphasize that ISCC is a global system for all types of biomass , and facilitates national and international market , being applicable in the European market and worldwide. We are one of the leading companies in the implementation of this benchmark in the area of the Iberian Peninsula.

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CGN Certification is the first company accredited by the American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) for the ISCC scheme. CGN Certification get its own accreditation to certify companies all over the world under the ISCC standard.

Market/scope of application: Biofuels in EU.
Recognition: Recognised by the European Commision (EC) to demonstrate compliance with RED and FQD.
Materials covered: All types of agriculture and forestry raw materials, waste and residues, biogas and algae.

Market/scope of application: Food, Feed, Bio-based products, Energy, Biofuels outside EU
Recognition: Voluntary certification for non-regulated markets.
Materials covered: All types of agriculture and forestry raw materials, waste and residues, biogas and algae, renewable feedstocks of non-biological origin (e.g. renewable energy from wind or water), bacteria and carbon capture and utilization for transport purposes.
Voluntary add-ons: Environmental management & biodiversity, classified chemicals, non-GMO, GHG emission, consumables, SAI Gold.

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GMP+ is a feed safety developed by Animal Feeding Products Board of the Hague (Holand) in the early 90s and is currently applied wordwide.
The basic principle of the GMP+ System is the assurance of food safety from all the links of the food chain. For some time now, it has become a paramount comercial requirement throuhout the world to avoid serious incidents in the sector.

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Organizations are increasingly aware of the need for responsible behavior, as well as the benefits that this entails. The Corporate Social Responsibility ensures the satisfaction of the stakeholders, which acts in a very beneficial way in the progress of a society, contributing to the improvement of Quality and Business Competitiveness.

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The Global Reporting Initiative is an international reference for the voluntary elaboration of Sustainability Reports, in which organizations report on their environmental, economic and social aspects.

Global Reporting Iniciative

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More than 500 companies have placed their confidence in CGN along these years distributed at national and international level.

We have strategic partnerships with Leading Worldwide Certification and inspection Bodies to offer our customers the newest services with the best quality and the best conditions.