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CGN CERTIFICATION is a World Wide operating CB founded in 2009 with home base in North West Spain- Galicia Our main focus is based on SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENT. We are a leading company in CO2 related certifications in very different fields such as: Forest Certification, Certification of Biofuels, and verification of Carbon Footprint.

a company (socially) aware

As well as offering all kinds of certifications we are specialized in certifications that help SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENT .

We are a leading company in forest certification and in certification of biofuels, having presence in all its branches (Waste Management Companies , Point of origin of waste generators , Traders , Biodiesel Plants etc. )

We are specialists in the calculation and verification of carbon footprint, which can be applicable both to large enterprises and smaller enterprises.

latest News

Grants on Galicia for Corporate Social Responsibility

Open the subsidy period of the Xunta de Galicia for the Certification or Verification Report, as well as the validation of codes of conduct, norms or ...

Project Troco2 - Cross-Border Carbon Exchange Market

There are more and more initiatives in the fight against climate change. Troco2 is a cross-border project framed in the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal Co ...


ICDQ Entrega los certificados de Calidad y Medio Ambiente a la empresa Medioambiental Oitabén

ICDQ ha hecho entrega de los certificados de Calidad y Medio Ambiente a la empresa Medioambiental Oitabén, S.L. Para el acto de entrega se ha desplaz ...


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Avda. Rodrigo de Mendoza, nº 28, 1ª planta, local B
36600 - Vilagarcía de Arousa (Pontevedra)
Tel. / Fax: 986 188 172

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the value of confidence

More than 300 companies have placed their confidence in CGN along these years distributed at national and international level.

We have strategic partnerships with Leading Worldwide Certification and inspection Bodies to offer our customers the newest services with the best quality and the best conditions.