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OHSAS 18001 Management System Safety and Health at Work

This standard specifies the requirements for a management system of safety and health at work that allows an organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives which keep in mind legal requirements and information on the risks to health and safety work.

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Legal Audit of Labor Risk Prevencion

The Law on Prevention of Labor Risk introduce compulsory certain companies to be audited in terms of prevention system. Legal obligation for companies to develop preventive activities with its own resources and those who do that voluntarily , as established in Law 31/1995 on Prevention of Labor Risks and Royal Decree 39/1997 , amending Regulation approving Services Prevention , as amended by Royal Decrees 604/2006 and 337/2010 . The audit is a management tool intended to reflect fairly the system of prevention of labor risks of the enterprise, assessing their effectiveness and detecting deficiencies that result in failure to comply with the regulations to allow the adoption of decisions to their refinement and improvement.

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